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Triphappy: Book Accommodation

Finally, a booking site that helps you find the best area to stay on your next trip

Triphappy is a travel mapping website founded in 2015 that helps you find the perfect neighborhood to stay when booking accommodations based on your personal preferences.

The website is very easy to use and has a search bar on the front page to enter the destination of your choice. The site then opens up into a well presented split screen with information down the left and a google map on the right. You can select the best neighbourhood to stay based on your travel type and areas you want to avoid. Some of the search options include Backpackers, Hipsters, Bohemian, Touristy, Shopping, Artsy, and Nightlife.

Once you have selected your perfect neighborhood you are provided with a list of hotel and accommodation options including location, rating, reviews and price. The site then directs you to to make the final accommodation booking.

Triphappy also has some great destination guides that offer you information about the best areas to stay in each city. These guides also rate areas based on the amount of attractions, shops, restaurants and nightlife and make recommendations.

Another great feature on Triphappy is the Trip Planner Map which allows you to enter your preferred destinations and visually map your itinerary on a Google Map. The planner suggests your next location and provides information about the number of other Triphappy users who have added it to their itinerary. You can easily book hotels and transport for each leg of your journey. You can share your trip with others on social media and view similar trips for more inspiration.

Triphappy is one of the best Mapping websites we have seen, very easy to use and now part of the Trivago group of companies.

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